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The year 1997 was a period of rapid growth for Nike and a test for Nike in transition. Jordan retired the first time in 2 years, Nike basketball shoes in the market sales fell sharply inevitably; and in the 'flying man' comeback, along with the increase of age, changed Jordan's style, stimulate the eye shot more and less. So Nike chose call Jordan's successor as 'penny Hardaway'.
In order to let Hardaway quickly became famous, Nike can be said to the exhaustion of the mind, in the AIR FOAMPOSITE ONE, we can see that the world's most high-end footwear products of science and technology: ZOOM AIR and modified carbon plate, which at the time was in the top of the bottom configuration; without the use of synthetic leather or leather uppers. But the choice of FOAMPOSITE (Foaming material). FOAMPOSITE is a molding vamp technology that provides good wrapping and support for basketball shoes, thereby improving overall stability. FOAMPOSITE's manufacturing process is different from other sneakers, and it needs to be molded in a mold like a metal device, which is why it's easier to express design ideas than leather uppers. In addition, the shoes also use DYNAMIC-F.I.T. INNERSLEEVE boots, a strong sense of parcels, feet in shoes will not be loose. The outsole has a strong grip, and the transparent sole shows the charm of the modern sense. But, as with the flying man 11 generation, the sole obvious oxidation of yellowing, is one of Taiwan Sneakers collector that describe such collectors collection: 'this shoe on earth wear is ruined, get the space to wear it, certainly not yellowing soles......' This may be why many people call it 'space shoes'.if you really want to buy it, our JustDoShoe online shop has low price with cheap New Penny Hardaway men Sneakers For Sale, if you want wholesale resale it, we have a big discount.
Another feature of the AIR FOAMPOSITE ONE is that the entire shoe has only a small logo near the front shoelace hole, and that the heel of the shoe close to the ankle has a clear 'PENNY' sign, and so is the sole.
Love a pair of shoes, not because of how beautiful it looks, how good the performance, sometimes just because a star will Love me, love my dog. we have sale cheap the new Nike Penny Hardaway Shoes online shop. However, AIR FOAMPOSITE ONE itself is a perfect product: it is not an accessory of any side.
Across the ages, the futuristic sneaker, representing the Foamposite revolution returned. The original Foamposite was released in 1997, and only one named Foamposite One, was signed by Penny Hardaway. And its subsequent version of 'Foamposite Pro' on behalf of the sale of shoes represents the peak production process. It consists of a large block of carbon fiber wrapped, extending from the soles of the feet to both sides of part of the site in the palm support plate, a Zoom Air sole unit and Nike full palm Foamposite unique technology form. (Foamposite is made from polyurethane cast. Its characteristics are strong, but some of it is hard and can be made into integrated shoes.)
Foamposite Pro and Foamposite One differ in the design of the sole. The Foamposite Pro changed the transparent sole of Foamposite One into a solid, dark grey sole. Strong and flexible features make Foamposite very unique and attractive. Unlike other traditional artificial leather or fabric uppers of shoes, although Foamposite does not have tension, but its special material can change the shape of shoes, the shoes shape based on Foamposite technology is more in line with the wearer's foot. In addition, one factor contributing to the comfort of the Foamposite Pro is its full length dynamic-fit elastic boots, and an organic combination of elastic boots and sneakers. The amount of padding in the elastic boots is just perfect, not only enhances the comfort of the Foamposite Pro, but also provides a good support protection for the ankle.
Foamposite Pro has extensive use of Foamposite material to make shoes. But Foamposite Pro doesn't design the laces out of his shoes like other Foamposite shoes. The side of the Foamposite Pro shows a powerful visual impact. Carbon fiber support tray helps Foamposite Pro become a pair of shoes with high stability. The stability of front and back, combined with the unique characteristics of Foamposite shoes, makes Foamposite Pro very outstanding for athletes who like to cut into the basket attack.
Nike Air Foamposite One is one of the classic basketball shoes that all sneakers enthusiasts want most. Its shoes, combined with a translucent outer sole, are the perfect product of the world.

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