Air Force 1 Shoes

Nike air Force1 is a sneaker produced by Nike. we have sale cheap the Air Force 1 online shop, it was born in 1982 and is deeply rooted in basketball. Then chose 6 basketball players to endorse the shoes: Moses Malone, Michael Cooper, Jamaal Wilkes, Bobby Jones, Mychal Thompson and Calvin Natt, they are carefully selected defense experts, they will this basketball shoes to the front of the world. Classic posters, tough gestures, Malone and his partners demonstrate the six elements of Air Force 1 success: grand, durable, transcendent, heroic, coherent and pure. They took off from the track on this classic poster and successfully flew over basketball and culture. From this moment, basketball was no longer a basketball that was formerly defined. Because of this, the body of Bruce Kilgore's masterpiece 'the first six star' photos recounting a brand and the relationship between different basketball players, this relationship in order to realize the needs of athletes as the goal. Air Force 1 has always been based on the fine craftsmanship of Nike technology.
In 2007, Nike re selected six star endorsements Air Force 1. Even though Air Force 1 has left the basketball court, it still has a sporting spirit. Air Force 1 in the six rookie who was so fresh, as once ' the original six ', through them, Air Force 1 shows some important characteristics of it; and every athlete's personality and style have the similar quality. The cruel beauty (Parke), the traditional core (Wallace), the independence of contempt (Carter), the power of respect (Stoudemire), the tenacious heart (Kobe) and the style of the king (Lebron). The six new men, wherever they go, carry such a halo, a state of mind that can cross any boundaries or limits. Their style on the pitch is the style of Air Force 1, and outside the stadium, every new spokesperson for Air Force 1 knows that tradition requires not only protection, but more development.
So far, the nature of Air Force 1 has changed, becoming Street trend shoes rather than purely basketball shoes. But its influence has not declined, it witnessed the rapid development of basketball in the 1/4 century. Now it has become all kinds of shoes all-match trendsetter, is the trend of objects indispensable. men Sneakers size have big size US13 For Sale, Women Sneakers size have Minimum size US4 For Sale.
After Air Force officially stepped onto the stage, he began to be welcomed by a large number of players. The emergence of Charles Barkley, Air Force 1 again to a new height, since then, these shoes became a spiritual pioneer, it began to rise Hip-Hop culture.
Air Force 1 is starting to come with more and more rebellious athletes. The technology and innovation that Air Force brings is not just on the pitch. His spirit has also begun to move into everyone's life. If Nike created Air Force 1, today Air Force is no longer just Nike, but a symbol of the entire sneaker culture. Today, Air Force 1, the most perfect interpretation of the retro. Designers have new colors and patterns to express new souls to Air Force 1. He has become the must-have shoe for everyday American youth. When sneakers have become a culture, it's a work of art.

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