Air Jordan 2 Shoes

We sell this Air jordan 2, it is released on November 1986. Air Jordan 2 by Bruce Kilgore design, in the cylinder and the bottom cylinder 2 styles, and the Italy production and design of the Air Jordan 2 appearance and was out of the ordinary basketball shoes, but Bruce said the injection mold technology was only used for Air Jordan 2 can be done in Italy. In addition Air Jordan 2 is the last use of AIR JORDAN LOGO AIR JORDAN wing.
Stylish, beyond the traditional design concept of basketball shoes, shoes on the side retained two flying wings logo. It's the only one in the Jordan series that doesn't have black matching. And AIR JORDAN II removed Nike sports shoes always have 'NIKE' mark, and the use of French design concept, with simple design concept for its characteristics. In addition, its first production of high-top and low-top two kinds of basketball shoes with the same type, but also as a tradition of the Jordan series and retained. If you like it and want to buy a cheap Air Jordan 2 Sneakers Sale it, Our JustDoShoe Online website will give you a big discount to meet your wishes.

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