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Air Jordan 10 Retro was born in 1995, and 10 years after nike company for a single new product re sale and released in 2005,There is a good price on the official online shop, if there is a big discount in our JustDoShoe store, launch up to 6 new color, in 2008 the first Jordan set Air Jordan 10 with a new attitude to meet with us, 2012 engraved wind again launched 3 color.
Today we remember the more Air Jordan 10 Retro sole full of memorable characters, with a different from actual basketball shoes eyes to look at it, but Air Jordan 10 still has its disdain for other shoe capital, Air Jordan 10 Retro' Air Jordan Series in the first two Phylon were used as materials in the shoes bottom in the field, shoes have epoch-making significance, thick made of PU material and EVA rubber outsole from the stage of history. The application of Phylon Air Sole makes the performance more perfect, Air Jordan 10 Retro design using full leather uppers covering the entire shoe body, but simple rather pale, but the performance is incomparable package feeling and stability, even more than ten years today is fully capable of the fierce confrontation. Welcome to order cheap Air Jordan 10 Retro.

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Air Jordan 10 BLACK/WHITE (Girls)
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