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we sell on our website shop with Air Jordan 1 generation, in fact it is the international famous brand 'Nike' under the command of a pair of legendary shoes. Jordan signed on with Nike, Nike began to build the image of Jordan, launched in 1985 and named in his shoes, so called 'Air Jordan 1', whether in training or competition, Jordan wore the shoes, Jordan shoes a year in the United States high turnover 130 million dollars. Since then , the Jordan series of shoes has been extended until the last generation - Air Jordan 23 generations. In fact, Air Jordan 1 generation function and other shoes was not much different, but it has a striking appearance: black and red as the main color (when the shoes are mostly white).. Air Jordan 1 with white black red, hard rubber outsole, there is no scientific and technological content [good, think of it as a good basketball shoes shoes], actually this pair of shoes is very heavy, but it is the beginning of an era.For more new and cheap Sneakers shoes, please visit our online site: JustDoShoe

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Air Jordan 1
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