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In the late 70s of the last century, when people began to pay more attention to running events, the market needed a new shoes that could help speed up. And in the adidas factory in Scheinfeld, Bavaria, Germany, there are two designers, Jacques Chassaing and Markus Thaler, is working to create a look from the appearance of performance can bring a full range of running shoes.When you've finished reading these introductions, I'm sure you want to buy a pair of ZX Flux Sneakers shoes For Men.
In 1984, the first Adidas ZX 500 was born, and the color and avant-garde design has been enthusiastic pursuit of its excellent functions are considered: professional athletes in the training and competition, and the trend of fans but also for the design of bold color of it and crazy. The 2012 launch of the ZX 500 original copy, 2014 launch of the ZX 500 woven version, if the adidas has an important significance of the birth of ZX 500, then we will think more memorable than itself is moving into new technology and fashion design aesthetic concept, and the ZX did. With the success of ZX 500, Adidas designers seem to have found a way to break the market and challenge themselves. They started with ZX 500 as the first prototype for more design attempts, such as thinking about how to enhance the wearing comfort, or if you can join more strongly bold elements in the design...... In 1989, with a cross generational significance of ZX 700 and it is with the talent shows itself, at the time of the streamlined slender appearance and become an independent school experience to become even better in still can maintain the high popularity of the classics in today.
Running shoes design at the end of the 80s has been gradually with the modern running shoes outline, whether using shoes or pay more attention to science and technology have become the trend of design consistent demand runners, also born in 1989 will shoulder the important task of ZX 750. It also preserves the structure of the predecessors of ZX 700 shoes in the second to further enhance the foot comfort at the same time, but the new injection lines in the sense of design even if moisture flow bound became more popular, the whole design benchmark ZX series.
After the Seoul Olympics in 1988, ZX series was born thousands of digital coding, which is a memorable thing. And then in 1989, or the birth of ZX Scheinfeld factory, Adidas shock caused by the running community System technology to Torsion, under the arch supporting TPU provide free and independent shoes heel and forefoot rhythm, bring stability, control and protection performance is better for runners.
ZX 8000 as the first use of this technology and the biomechanics of running shoes, then laid the foundation and the future will also outline of running shoes, ZX 500 from the date of birth of the off both technology and other aesthetic concept into a new stage. In 2012, Adidas and Tokyo tide store Mita to build a joint ZX 8000.
Adidas Originals ZX 8000 listed 25th anniversary, and for this purpose, Adidas Originals, especially for its prototype built ZX Flux series, launched a number of new products. In 8000 the original SoftCell and Torsion retain ZX technology in order to emphasize the wearing comfort based on the brand the vamp simplifies the appearance at the same time let the rich color take on an altogether new aspect, and design elements make ZX Flux more fashion personality.
At the end of 2013, the Adidas RUNNIING LAB event in Taiwan featured a lower arch TPU support. With the arrival of 90s people to fashion the attention to enhance the material and design elements, try more and more is also keen to break the adidas designers with ZX series, has brought into a variety of reflective material, with the significance of color design, new shoes to paint, camouflage, weaving, suede, color and other elements build, and eventually integrate its unique design language, triggered a strong response in the field of fashion and fashion trendsetter collocation.
As I said, do you really want to get a pair of ZX Flux Shoes? Don't worry, our online store has a lot of colors and styles, cheap prices, and if you want to resell it wholesale, we still have a big discount. It's fascinating. We have Sneakers for men and women. Thus, Adidas ZX series has completed the conversion of it from professional sports to the trend of fashion, or say, actually this series still retains its technical background, but also to shape and bold color design in the interpretation of the contemporary trend of the art of the road to find a new direction, after all other tide early in the first ZX 500 the date of birth has been integrated into the blood. When we review this from 80s has swept the running wave, the ZX series can not ignore the significance of milepost type, it is easier to understand what it brings to the era and even today the street trend of the contribution.

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