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NMD as Adidas Originals introduced in recent years the most dominant street shoes, since December 10, 2015 the date of birth, from the first generation of primary OG continued to BAPE joint, always occupy the headlines, each focused on offering have maxed our current leader of the circle of friends.
And how did the NMD, which has made the world crazy for it, have swept the world at an unexpected rate? In the early days of design, adidas has a design code for each pair of shoes, and NOMAD is the initial code used by NMD. After the design is completed, Adidas think this is very consistent with the quality of these shoes, so the NMD as the final product name.
NMD can be so proud of his accomplishments, and his designers are equally important. As the vice president of global design at Adidas Originals, the design team led by Nic Galway has created this innovative shoes. If you don't know him yet, at least you know Yeezy Boost, Pure Boost, Tubular. Nic Galway played a key role in the course of their birth. It is worth mentioning that, in the Nic Galway Adidas effect in 17 years, contributed to the Adidas and Stella McCartney, Yohji Yamamoto and Kanye West cooperation in recent years, the success of the Smith Stan white shoe back, behind the same Nic Galway.
With the gradual maturity of Boost cushioning technology and Primeknit fabric technology, adidas has gained confidence in the field of running shoes. The multiplex design language, through the bottom to insert the red blue double color block connection, has realized the restoration ancient times and the modern perfect balance. With the trend of the global trend of retro running shoes, NMD planning has also been officially implemented.
What really makes NMD explode overnight is not only its combination of past and future design, but also its accurate marketing strategy. Before the NMD global conference was held in December 10, 2015, it did not carry out such propaganda as regular shoes. Only in December 7th, did the #NMD# release signals to the outside world. Coupled with the big star tide king put on foot interpretation, celebrity effect focused exposure, making NMD rapidly warming in the eyes of fans, the first color price was close to 1500$.
In the adidas limited edition strategy, fiery sales is expected. Since then several wave of sale, although the color and style has increased, but because of the high popularity, still in short supply.
Wonderful styles emerge one after another, and with the continuous release of color, shoes styles from the initial NMD R1 PK development to Pharrell Williams Human Race. From Primeknit woven material to fabric mesh, and then to Chukka suede material. NMD has reached dazzling levels in two aspects: shoe type and color matching! If you also want to get a pair of shoes with the desired style, it's important that our online store have a cheap Adidas NMD Sneakers For Men and also have women size.

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