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Y-3, the world's top designer, Yohji Yamamoto as creative director, and Adidas cooperation brand new brand. The brand Y stands for Yohji Yamamoto, while the 3 represents the logo of the adidas three line. Yohji Yamamoto, the creative director, integrates the simplicity and design style of his personal brand into Y-3, perfectly showing us an advanced and fashionable sports brand image.
Simplicity and calmness are the basic image concepts of Y 3. The essence of Y-3's fashion is movement. Since the brand's global purchasing has been brought about, Asia has been faced with a serious shortage of stock. It can be said that Y-3 has opened a new fashion.As a symbol of nobility, you should have a pair of Adidas Y3 PURE BOOST Shoes. if you really want to buy it, our JustDoShoe online shop has low price with cheap men sneakers for sale, if you want wholesale resale it, we have a big discount.
Known as the "black magician" Yohji Yamamoto makes the traditional sports brand Adidas impressively jumped Fashion layout, from sportswear also boarded in good taste. This season, under the influence of dance trends, Yohji Yamamoto and Adidas headquarters brand design director MichealMichalsky have launched a unique set of new Y-3 designs. From the disco in New York to the elegant Tango in Argentina, Y-3 uses its special concept to include clothing, footwear and accessories. In 2001, Adidas and Yohji Yamamoto began working together. From then on, on the basis of mutual trust and cooperation between Yohji Yamamoto and Adidas Y3, a new brand of both sides, was born in 2002. Totally different two brands, with different perceptions of fashion, different views on sports brands, coupled with the skills in the arts, the new generation of sports brand clothing for the future. The basic vision required by both parties is consistent, coupled with a very close collaborative relationship, so that the idea can be realized. Adidas for Yohji Yamamoto is a complete commodity structure in the development, design studio in Tokyo Yohji Yamamoto Corporation and Adidas Corporation in Germany under Herzogenaurach are provided with Y-3, designers of the close cooperation, to determine the final design scheme in the mixture of the countless times in exchange, can be called is the sports shoes Adidas and Ganso fashion design master Yohji Yamamoto with their fusion of professional knowledge and skills, created has been popular since 2001 Y3. a new adidas Y-3 Pure Boost “Triple White”Just listed in Mar.2017
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